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Late for the Train – A WWBH post

The Writer Wednesday Blog Hop is a weekly challenge to compose a piece of flash fiction in 500 words or less.

Every Wednesday there is one picture and five random words, all of which are to be used in the story, and the deadline is the following Tuesday.

The co-hosts of this challenge are Carrie Sorenson, Tena Carr, Nicole Pyles and Leanne Sype.

This weeks picture:20130619-200209.jpg

This weeks words:          Crescent, head-on, imprint, satin, care-worn

This weeks story:

Late for the Train

The road ahead curved around in a crescent as we neared the station. Dan was calm as he drove but my heart was pounding in my chest. All the way here I’d been checking the clock, willing time to slow down so we’d make it. The note on the breakfast table was imprinted on my memory, and the words floated in front of me as I gazed at the landscape.

I was still in shock at the way Tom had left, the words he’d used to justify his decision had burned me deeply. After all the years we’d spent looking after him, raising him as our own without question, and all he wanted now was to leave us for his ‘other’ family. I felt tired and drained, but the fight for him was far from over.

I dropped down the visor and looked at my reflection in the mirror, where a haggard, care-worn face stared back at me. Only the eyes were familiar, the rest of the face could have belonged to anyone.

The station was in sight and I could almost reach out and touch it, picking him up out of the crowds waiting for their train and stopping him from leaving us in turmoil. It felt like an eternity until we found a parking space, as far from the platform as we could possibly get it seemed. I had to hold myself back from sprinting to find him, instead willing my legs to walk as fast as they could. As much as I wanted to find him straight away, I could feel we were rushing head-on into a situation that we wouldn’t necessarily walk away from intact.

Tom had never been one to cause us much trouble, we’d always managed to talk through problems and work on them as a family. This revelation had sent him into a spiral, and we saw things in him that were never there before. More than once I’d questioned our decision to tell him the truth.

It had just seemed right at the time, and there was no reason for us to suspect he’d react in this way.

My mind wandered again to the day we brought him home, wrapped up in his blankets as soft as satin, promising us all a wonderful and happy future together. This was the first time I’d ever questioned that future.

We made it on to the platform, but it was too late and my heart sank. The train disappeared in the distance as we stood there watching, helpless. Dan came up behind me, putting his arms around me for consolation. As I turned towards him I looked at the window of the station cafe and its words seemed to mock me. Late for the Train.

All there was now was to wait, and hope. Hope my little boy came back to us, whether to visit or to return, it didn’t matter to me. I just wanted to know that he would be back.

Word count: 496

18 thoughts on “Late for the Train – A WWBH post

    1. Thanks Scott, I’m glad you liked it. I get nervous when I write about a topic I don’t have direct experience with, so I’m glad this one turned out ok.

  1. A very poignant story. Everything conspires against them – I do hope the issues can be resolved. Great writing.

  2. Heather, this is so well done. My heart was filled with nervous hope and then completely dropped… right along with the narrator. Great job!

    1. Thanks Leanne. I’m glad that the feelings I felt myself while writing it came across to the reader. This is always a worry as a writer.

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