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Collaboration Challenge – Part Five, Decision

It’s time for my contribution to the latest installment of the Collaboration Challenge!

This challenge has been put together by Carrie Sorenson and has been running for the last four weeks. She started us off with the first installment, and each week the baton is passed on to the next writer to continue the story.


The story so far has come from the following writers:

Part One by Carrie Sorenson

Part Two by Nicole Pyles

Part Three by Tena Carr

Part Four by Leonard Suskin

When you’re all caught up, part five is right here:

Part Five, Decision

Sitting up straight, staring out over the lapping waves, Kip knew he had to do something. For once, he was going to take the control, show some initiative. He’d spent too long bouncing between two situations, two completely different people.

Janet and Mick were polar opposites and Kip had been floating around in the middle, going along with whatever each of them said. Janet had left and he’d just let her go. He hadn’t put up any kind of a fight, he’d accepted her decision and let her get on with it. He never tried to tell her how much she meant to him, how much it hurt that she’d walked away.

Mick threw his weight around with everyone and expected them to follow his rules, without question. With nothing left to do, Kip went along with it, knowing it wasn’t the best decision he’d made and that it could only end up in disaster.

But not any more. He’d had enough of his own indecision, and rose to his feet. The determination he felt flowed through the whole of his body, he was pumped, ready to go out and grab what he wanted. And he knew what he wanted.

The road to her house seemed endless, even though he must have driven it a hundred times. He had to resist the urge to race all the way there, the last thing he needed was to get pulled over. Finally he approached the turn and drove up the driveway to her door.

As he turned the engine off he felt the nerves creep up on him, and for a moment wondered if he was doing the right thing. Maybe he should just go home and think about it first, make sure it’s what he wanted. He hesitated on the door handle for a second, but when he looked up she was standing in the doorway watching him.

In that moment he knew what his summer choice was going to be. As she stood watching him, their eyes met and he knew that this was what he wanted, what he needed to get back on track and away from the others. He was out of the car and by her side before he even realised he was moving, and with her in his arms he felt like he was home.

He needed no words. The look they shared was enough for them both to know what was happening, that this was the turning point for their summer. It felt like nothing could go wrong for them now.

They were about to turn and go inside when they heard the crunch of another car on the gravel driveway. With a sinking feeling, Kip turned to see who it was climbing out of the car.

‘Nobody leaves the party …’ said Mick, glaring across the driveway.


Tune in for the conclusion to the story next week, when Leanne Sype will be finishing off for us!



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