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Possibilities – A WWBH post

The Writer Wednesday Blog Hop is a weekly challenge to compose a piece of flash fiction in 500 words or less.

Every Wednesday there is one picture and five random words, all of which are to be used in the story, and the deadline is the following Tuesday.

The co-hosts of this challenge are Carrie Sorenson, Tena Carr, Nicole Pyles and Leanne Sype.

This weeks picture:


This weeks words:          Satellite, buoy, check, lawyer, rescue

This weeks story:


Standing in line with the others, my nerves began to build as I shuffled closer to the front. The building before us loomed over our heads, and the lions standing guard either side of the gate seemed to be daring us to enter. It had been a long and drawn out process leading up to this moment, and I certainly wasn’t going to be put off now.

Lise stood in front of me, barely able to hold in her excitement. She had been bouncing on her feet for the last twenty minutes, ever since we came into sight of the main doors, and I honestly wondered if she were going to just make a break for the front of the line. Far from being annoying though, I found her enthusiasm kept me buoyed up during the long wait.

Moving forward again I began to get glimpses of what lay beyond the open doors. All I could see at the moment were just more people, with no sign at all of the check-in desk. My excitement was beginning to wane a little, and I could see Lise was too as she turned around to face me.

‘Right, you wait here with my bag,’ she said, ‘I’m going to take a look.’

Before I could stop her she was off, walking straight past all those who’d waited patiently in front of us, her pink bobble hat like a satellite moving through the crowd. She got just in front of the doors before getting a good look and turning back. Some people had started to grumble about her rudeness but she wasn’t bothered.

‘Alright, calm down,’ she was saying, ‘no need to call your lawyers, I’m going back to my place.’ She was smiling sweetly as she headed back, fluttering her eyelids at a couple of guys too, I noticed. She knew how to make friends that one.

I hadn’t even the nerve to say hello, let alone be so bold. A lot of these students had parents that had paid a lot of money for them to get into this school, and we’d heard there was even some royalty attending too. Lise and I had gone through the painful process of applying to be one of the 100 students accepted on our merits, and the differences between us were vast. But I for one was determined to make it work. We didn’t have daddy to come and rescue us if we failed, so we had to give it all we had.

‘Not long now,’ said Lise, smiling. ‘We’re moving pretty quickly. Nervous?’

I nodded, a grin spreading out across my face. I noticed one of the boys up in front staring at me, and then returning my smile. I almost fell over at the attention.

You never know, I thought to myself, I may even bag myself a prince before I leave. The thought kept me company all the way to the desk.


Word count: 491

12 thoughts on “Possibilities – A WWBH post

  1. I can see these two having fun and causing a bit of trouble – good trouble though and I do hope she does bag herself a prince. A fun take on the picture and words which gelled together nicely in your writing.

  2. Nice work, Heather. The writing is very smooth and had a nice meter to it. You held back on the mystery of who they girls were, what the place was, and what they were doing there perfectly–somewhere around 2/3 way through–and were able to answer all three questions singularly, i.e., answer one, answer them all. That was brilliant, and in the case of word count limits, very necessary to use those kinds of tools. Very slick…
    The young women were very believable, and you gave them good dimension and history for the piece. It was an enjoyable read.
    I thought they might be at some crazy club in the beginning.

    1. Thanks for your comments Christopher. When I’m reading I like it when information is given out gradually, ready to all be brought together in conclusion. I guess I bring some of that to my own writing too.

  3. This is a fun piece, Heather! I love that you made the building an exclusive, high caliber school. And I love Lise’s personality. These two are going to have so much fun… and probably get into some mischief. I’d love to see the drama that unfolds between the narrator and a prince. 🙂

    Nice job on your story!

    1. Thanks Leanne. This will probably be one of those prompt stories that I mentally file away to be brought out again at a later date. I enjoyed these characters so would be keen to see what happens to them and where they go.

  4. Your use of the keywords showed me I sometimes have tunnel vision. Loved the portrayal of the variety of emotions displayed when queuing.

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