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Escaping the Heat – A WWBH post

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This weeks picture:

This weeks words:          Passport, sunrise, carousel, travel, school

This weeks story:

Escaping the Heat

It was so hot I was convinced I was melting. Why Adrian thought today was a good day for exploring the island I’ll never know. So far we’d ventured as far as the beach or to the pool, both places to cool off while enjoying the sun.

This morning though, he’d decided he wanted to take in the local culture by wandering round the town trying to fit in. Well, he couldn’t have stood out more with his bright green shorts and pink skin. Neither of us ever tanned well, it made me wonder why we ever bothered traveling to these places in the first place. Sure, they were nice to see I suppose, and to say that we’d been there. I always spent most of the time suffering in the heat and not having anything resembling a nice tan to show for it.

Exasperated by his attempts to converse with the locals again, I found myself a cool spot under a tree to try and gain some kind of control over my temperature. My water supply was almost empty and I wanted to save it for when I was sure I could refill again.

Lounging on the grass I found my gaze wandering and my attention was caught by a cute little shack. It wouldn’t be something I’d usually take notice of, I had no interest in boats or sailing at all, but something about this place attracted me. Adrian looked like he was going to be busy for a while so I headed into the shop for a browse.

The coolness of the place hit me and was a welcome change to the rays beating down outside. I was surprised to find more than just boating equipment on display, and was quite taken with a quaint little carousel that seemed to revolve endlessly without any noticeable means of power.

As I strolled up and down the aisles I couldn’t fail to notice the dark figure watching me from the doorway to the office. His eyes were fixed on me, and burned into my back each time I walked away from him. Trying not to think about him I concentrated my focus on a painting hanging on the wall of a typical Caribbean sunrise. I was so transfixed with its imagery that the sound of the school bell across the road made me jump out of my skin.

I sighed in relief just before the thump came down on the back of my head.


Opening my eyes was a struggle as my head throbbed. I could hear voices but not clear enough to make them out. They hadn’t noticed me stirring and I tried to move slowly as I looked at them. My heart began to hammer when I noticed what he had in his hands, and then his words registered in my ears.

‘With an authentic passport like this, she’ll be our best sale yet.’

Word count: 487

12 thoughts on “Escaping the Heat – A WWBH post

  1. Woh! I LOVE this! What a suspenseful story, all in such a low word count. Love the setting and the tension.
    Thank you for signing up to the Write…Edit…Publish monthly bloghop. Perhaps you could publish simultaneously to both bloghops. Your story today could be modified for the VACATION prompt.
    I’m very excited to see what you come up with.

    1. Thanks Denise, I’m looking forward to the Write…Edit…Publish hop. I have another idea in mind for that one, albeit with a similar setting. I haven’t been to many places on holiday so my source of inspiration is small!

  2. EEP! Heather, this is so good. I was all lost wandering the aisles with the main character and then BAM! Nicely done! )

    While I’d love to read what happens, at the same time I am nervous about what might be in store for Adrian.

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