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Mistake – A WWBH post

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This weeks picture:


This weeks words:          Prank, printer, profit, capsicum, goal

This weeks story:


The sound of the stadium crowd filled my ears, making it harder to hear what was following me. I stumbled as I ran and felt the blood seeping into my shoes. What had started out as a harmless prank had now turned into something far more dangerous.

Running between supporting pillars, the seats above me rattled and shook from of all the supporters jumping up and down. I needed to concentrate on my direction but couldn’t help glancing back to see how much it had gained. In this darkness I couldn’t see much, but it’s snorting and heavy breathing told me it wasn’t far behind.

I just had to hold on until Blake came back with help. He was always a much better sprinter than I was and he’d gone as fast as he could. One of us had to stay and keep it distracted, it would be disastrous to lead it out into the open. We couldn’t let anyone else die for our stupidity.

The guilt of Andrea’s death slowed me down as much as my leg, clouding my judgment as I tried to make my way. My feet kicked aside all the rubbish that had fallen between the slats and seats, dropped hot dogs, burgers complete with onions and capsicum. I had to watch my footing, to slip now would mean the end of me, and possibly others.

The spell was a mistake, that was obvious. We had no way to know what we were doing, We just wanted to put the other guys out of the way. They’d been stealing our profits with their cut price merchandise, and we just wanted a little something to keep them occupied.

The snarls grew louder now and as I turned to look I could see the shreds of Luke’s t-shirt hanging from the creature that used to be him. The transformation had taken seconds, and he was barely recognisable under the mass of hair and drooling jowls.

A huge roar came overhead as the home team declared a victory, the pinnacle of their unbeaten record goal for the season. No one would hear me scream over that.

I turned and put all my remaining energy into running. The pain in my leg burned but I had to keep going. I could see light ahead of me, the floodlights at full strength while the crowd all headed home. I was drawing it away from them now, in the opposite direction. I had done my job.

I raced out into the open and saw the last of the fans heading to the car park on the other side of the pitch. Blake hadn’t come back yet, and my body had endured it’s last. He must come soon, when it was done with me it would be hungry for more blood.

I felt the claws dig into my back, pushing me to the ground, I caught a glimpse of something running towards me. Blake screamed but I couldn’t hear. Only blackness awaited me now.

Word count: 500

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