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Bright Eyes – A WWBH post

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This weeks picture:

This weeks words:          Bench, reindeer, court, teddy bear, leader

This weeks story:

Bright Eyes

Staring out towards the ocean, my gaze was caught by the young couple strolling along the beach. Their arms wrapped around one another, each the only thing in the others world. The waves broke on the sand and swirled around their legs as they walked, but if the water was cold they didn’t show it.

Even after all these years I can still remember when Elsie and I used to do the same, back in our courting days. We’d walk along the beach until the sun went down, and then sit on the benches of the promenade to have a fish and chip supper under the moonlight. Nowadays, it was all I could do to get to the bathroom by myself without my canes.

My heart filled with hope for the couple, that they’d experience as much love and happiness as we’d had through our lives. It hadn’t been easy, and it was far from lavish, but we built a good family around us and there was nothing else that we could have asked for.

It was my granddaughter that had brought me to this place, to help ease the pain of Elsie’s absence. I’d felt lost when she was gone, always being the one to follow her leadership, and it took a while to adjust to being on my own. It had been the best part of 50 years since I’d had to fend for myself, and it wasn’t something I was picking up easily. When my family came round they found me surviving on packet soup and reindeer crackers.

It was my granddaughters little girl that truly saved me. To see my own eyes burning so brightly, three generations down the line, was enough to remind me that there’s always something worth carrying on for.

Whenever I’m alone, I have something to look forward to, something to occupy my thoughts until the next time she visits. She doesn’t even hesitate in the doorway, knowing who I am and having no fear. The tales she has to tell me of her adventures with teddy bear make me laugh in ways I thought I’d forgotten.

I’ve almost forgotten about Elsie now, but it’s alright really. I hope she and Raymond are very happy together.

Word count: 375

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