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Dreams do come true – A WWBH post with a twist

And now for something a little different from the wonderful gals behind the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop.

Throughout September they are presenting us with a new twist on this weekly challenge.  Each Sunday the hosts will be post all the stories submitted to the previous Wednesdays photo reveal.

The twist is to take one of the submitted stories and choose one of the following –

1) Continue the story from where it left off.
2) Write the story from someone else’s point of view.
3) Write what happened before the story.

4) Turn one of the stories into one of the following genres – horror, western, romance, or mystery.

Now, after you’ve chosen one of the challenges, you have a maximum of 1,000 words.

You then have until the NEXT Sunday to take part in the challenge.

This challenge will run every week throughout September and once you’ve written your contribution, as usual head over to one of the hosts to get linked up:

The story I have chosen was written by Debra Elliott, and was her debut piece to the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop. To check out this first installment, head here.


And now, my story follows on from where Debra left off …

 Dreams do come true

Silas didn’t know how long he’d been lying there with his eyes closed and Abigail’s handkerchief across his face. He’d been dreaming about her again, the same dream that got him off to sleep each night. Places and situations changed, but the details of her always remained the same. He’d be gazing into her eyes and she’d be gazing right back, her eyes full of the love that he felt for her. He would pull her close to him and wrap his arms around her, holding her tight to protect her from the world. As he drifted towards sleep he knew what was coming, the inevitability of their kiss made him tingle with excitement, but at the moment he was looking forward to sleep would claim him and he had no memory of the final embrace.And so it had been this time, those thoughts of Abigail helping him through the pain in his leg. As he struggled to open his eyes he realised he couldn’t feel the pain anymore, or his leg for that matter, but he was sure he could make out voices somewhere nearby.His head swam as he tried lifting himself up onto his elbows, and when he managed to get his eyes finally open he thought he’d gone blind. Blackness was everywhere he turned, but as the moon appeared from behind the clouds he realised how long he’d been out there.

The voices again became louder and stronger, and he could hear excitement in them as he heard them rustling closer. His tired arms gave up and his head fell back to the ground with more of a bump than he’d like. The pain throbbed and hurt the back of his eyes.

He tried opening them again and in the faded moonlight he saw Abigail’s face in front of him, swaying and blurring in and out of focus. Convinced he was dreaming again he allowed sleep to take him.

When he roused again it took him a moment to realise the difference in his surroundings. The ground was no longer hard against his back and his head was propped and supported by something soft and welcoming. He could feel his leg again, but instead of the pain there was a strange sensation of it being encased. It felt good but he couldn’t understand why.

His eyes opened more easily now, although he was forced to squint as they adjusted to the brightness filling the room. He was in a strange room with French doors that had been opened to let the morning breeze through. The curtains swayed but his attention was drawn to the figure standing by the open doors. She was looking out across the plain with her back to him, but there was no mistaking his Abigail. Her honey coloured curls blew gently, and the hem of her floral dress did the same against her legs.

In that moment she turned to face him, and joy spread across her face as she saw that he was awake. He managed a smile, but his head still ached a little so he knew it would be weak in comparison to hers, although what he was feeling matched her smile and more.

She came towards him and gently pressed her hand to his brow, brushing the hair back from his face.

‘I thought you were gone,’ she whispered, and the fear was still present in her shaky voice. She had been genuinely worried for him.

And then the moment came that he’d been dreaming of for so long. He couldn’t put his arms around her this time, and his eyes hurt too much to gaze for long, but the kiss that she gave him was far better than anything he could have imagined in his dreams. Her lips lingered on his, and to him it was an eternity.

Word count: 643

I hope you like what I’ve done with your story Debra!


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