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From the Depths – A WWBH post

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This weeks picture:

Photo courtesy of me.

This weeks words:          Letter, Velcro, planet, fever, shopping

This weeks story:

From the Depths

The swell of the waves lifted the boat rhythmically, enticing sleep. Jon had been on the trug long enough now that his stomach was used to the swaying, and instead it was relaxing.

Leaning back in his deckchair he tried to clear his head, the colours of the water and the monotony of the horizon having dulled his senses.

But he was the only one left now. He had to stay calm and wait for rescue. It had wrenched his heart to do it, but the rest of his crew-mates were now sinking to the ocean floor. He couldn’t keep them on board, the fever had only been the beginning. He couldn’t risk any more transference from them. When he was dealing with an unknown from another planet, he was taking no chances.

Ten days they’d been out here, and drifting for the last four. The very first expedition by the divers was enough to wipe them out of all their energy supplies. Whatever had got a hold on them down there had been tough, it had taken all they had to get everyone free again.

If only they’d noticed the tear in Jackson’s suit, they could have isolated him sooner. He hadn’t mentioned his wound to anyone either, and so the infection had a chance to fester and mutate.

Nobody knew until it was too late, and by then it had jumped to the rest of them.

It had taken its time in some of them, killing others more quickly. There was no way to know just how it would take you, they just had to hope the rescue boat would come for them soon. The only trouble was, they wouldn’t even realise they were missing until day seven, and by then it would probably be too late for them.

Jon didn’t know why it had taken so long to claim him, and he wished he’d have been one of the first. With only his own company, awaiting death certainly wasn’t a picnic.

His mind drifted to his family back home, going about their normal day, school, work, shopping, sleeping, with no idea that he was stuck out there with the ultimate sentence on him.

Undoing the Velcro straps that held him to his chair, he made his way to the bridge. He checked again that everyone’s letters to home were safely tucked away, everyone sending their final farewells to those they love.

As he stared through the window he saw a speck in the distance that hadn’t been there before, knowing it was a ship even before he found it in the scope.

His hopes now shifted their focus, from wanting to see the rescue boat to hoping they would reach him before it took him too. With nobody left to warn them they were only sailing towards their own deaths.

As he went up on deck again he wiped away the perspiration from his brow. It was only a matter of time now.

Word count: 496

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