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Breaking Away – A WWBH post

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This weeks words:          Election, t-shirt, picnic, lodger, wood

This weeks story:

Breaking Away

‘So this is goodbye then,’ said Carmen, warming her hands on her mocha. She hadn’t even started drinking them until she’d met Greg, and wondered now if this new habit would continue.

‘The timing is good,’ he said, one hand on his own drink and the other wrapped around Carmen’s shoulders.

Looking out over the water, they were each lost in their own thoughts, their own memories. It had been a long and sometimes turbulent journey, but it had all been leading up to this point.

Closing her eyes, Carmen concentrated on the sounds of the city and the closeness of Greg as his fingers caressed her neck at the collar of her t-shirt. The breeze brought his scent across and she breathed in deeply, the sensation flooding her mind with pictures of their past.

The summer had been the best time, when they would take walks in the park and have lazy picnic‘s that would last until dinnertime. It seemed that time had no meaning, and they had as much of it as they could handle, to do with whatever they fancied.

They’d stayed out an entire night in the woods, lost in the middle of it but she hadn’t been frightened. Together she felt like they could take on anything.

‘Are you scared?’ asked Greg, breaking into her reverie.

‘Not as much as I thought,’ she smiled.

‘What about your dad? He’ll be pretty mad when he finds out,’

‘Nah, he’s too busy with the new lodger to even notice what’s going on,’ she said, trying to keep her anger at bay. ‘I’m sure she’s younger than the last one.’

‘Well at least your dad isn’t fitting himself out to be the perfect election candidate,’ laughed Greg, ‘I caught him this morning giving his victory speech to the dogs. They’re about the only one’s that’ll vote for him.’

‘That’s true,’ she chuckled. ‘How did we ever turn out so normal?’

‘Speak for yourself.’

She was about to give him a playful thump, but noticing his most mischievous grin she couldn’t help but laugh. It felt good to let everything out, leaving her worries to the wind.

‘Do you think we’ll ever come back?’ she asked, as much to herself as to him.

‘Do you want to?’

‘We’ll see.’

Finishing their drinks, they picked up their cases and turned to walk away, from one part of their lives and into the next, hand in hand ready to face the world together. The only symbol of them that remained were the coffee cups of their final farewell to their city and their family.

Word count: 438

5 thoughts on “Breaking Away – A WWBH post

  1. Wow. Cheers to them for the next chapter of their life. I like your descriptions here, sounds of the city, breeze carrying Greg’s scent, and time had no meaning; it’s just a very quiet and thought provoking moment you describe. Nice job!

  2. Hi Heather. This is my second attempt to comment. WP doesn’t like me!
    I love your use of prompts. A bitter sweet story of new beginnings. i’m not sure if this is your entry for the WEP blogfest too. If so it is very apt. Thanks for signing up for our first fest of the year.

    Happy New Year !


    1. Hi Denise, it’s been a while since I’ve posted some fiction but this one would fit in with this months WEP nicely.
      I will be doing something new for that though, it’ll be good to some up with something.

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