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Missing – A WWBH post

This post is part of the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop, a weekly meme designed to inspire creativity and encourage sharing of stories.

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So, this weeks pictures:



And this weeks story:


‘And she hasn’t been seen since yesterday, you say?’ repeated the officer, making notes.

‘No,’ said the landlady, ‘I saw her come down for her paper before breakfast, but since then I’ve seen nothing, heard nothing.’ She sat at the dining table staring out the window and down the street. ‘I keep expecting her to walk through the door, or be walking home along the street.’

The officer glanced at the landlady and took a moment from his notes to pass her a box of tissues.

He wandered around the room, observing, absorbing, trying to get a sense of the young lady who had disappeared.

‘Have you tidied anything in here since yesterday?’ he asked.

‘No, nothing. The only thing I’ve done is put some food out for Chester, but he seems to have lost interest. He hasn’t moved from the sofa, just keeps staring at the door.’

‘Does he usually go out much?’

‘Only when she’s out or at work. As soon as she gets back he follows her in, and stays with her the whole time.’

‘And the breakfast?’ he gestured, ‘would that be, Chester’s is it?’

‘No, no,’ said the landlady, taking more tissues. ‘That was hers. What could have happened that she would leave her breakfast unfinished?’ She looked toward the officer, hoping he’d have the answer.

With a gentle smile he turned away and continued around the room. ‘Is this how she usually keeps the room?’

‘Yes, I-I think so.’

‘And, I assume this is her bag?’ he asked, lifting the handles with his pen. ‘Her purse appears to be inside, as well as keys.’

‘What does that mean?’

‘No signs of struggle, nothing stolen,’ he said, while scribbling down the details.

‘Is that good? Does that mean anything?’ asked the landlady, shifting to the edge of her seat now. ‘Maybe she’s just gone out and lost track of time.’

‘Without her keys?’ he wondered. ‘I’m afraid this opens more questions than it answers.’

He made one more sweep of the rooms before putting his notebook and pen away in his pocket.

The landlady jumped to her feet, ‘you’re not leaving already are you?’ she said quickly, ‘what about finding her?’

‘There’s not much more I can do today,’ he said, guiding her gently to the door. ‘I’ll make some enquiries and let you know.’


Becky shuffled as much as she could in the confined space. Her arms ached from the restraints behind her back, and her ankles burned where the rope dug into her flesh. As she breathed deeper, trying to get some noise out, the tape around her mouth fluttered but didn’t budge. All she could do is look up through the floorboards, watching the officer and her landlady leave her in her prison. As they left and closed the door behind them, her hope went with them.


Word count: 475

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