Free Writing Fun

Fun With Freewriting – Week 5: Deadly


And here’s the second of my favourite free-writes for this week …


The skin on her cheek had already started to blister, the first sign that she’d been infected. It wouldn’t be long before it spread to the rest of her body, leaving her in agony wanting to scratch and relieve the burning and the itching. Walking out of the room, Riley knew what he had to do. It wasn’t going to be easy on the family and he knew he’d suffer himself. He had been too late for this one, and it was his own fault. If he’d been paying more attention to his job than to his personal affairs then maybe he could have saved this girl.

He walked into the living area where her mother and father sat comforting one another. He would need to get their permission before he went ahead, and it came with the nod of the fathers head as he held his wife in their grief.

He headed back quietly into the bedroom where she was still sleeping, the sedative he’d administered still at work. Over the years he’d learned how to deal with victims kindly, humanely. She would never feel a thing. He bent over his bag and rustled through it for a syringe and vial that would end her suffering, but was distracted by a shuffling outside the window. The storm had long passed and only a gentle wind was left now, but not enough to cause the shutters to blow and bang. He looked up to see an outline in the window, larger than a man and it was banging against the pane, trying to break inside. Riley abandoned his search and pulled his rifle up from the floor. He slunk back into the shadows before he was seen, waiting for his opportunity to slay the beast once and for all.

The thing had managed to get the frame loose from its hinges and it clattered to the ground, a breeze came in through the open gap with a cold blast against Riley’s exposed arms. He hadn’t banked on the parents hearing the commotion, and they opened the door now to see if it was finally over, to see if they could finally grieve fully. He beast looked up in shock to see the intruders and aimed itself at them, but Riley managed to intervene, throwing them out of the door in protection. They all landed on a heap in the hallway, confusion clear on their faces. Riley raced back into the room to face the beast full on but he was too late. Again. It had already fled, and had taken Talia with it. Riley now faced a race against time to recover her before it really became too late …


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