Free Writing Fun

Fun With Freewriting – Week 6: Crash

Another addition of some free writing fun! I hope you enjoy!

I could feel my eyelids drooping again, my body and mind so tired. I knew I needed to stay awake, that my life depended on it. It hurt now to breathe too deeply, I concentrated on shallower breath and making the most of taking in the oxygen. Somehow I knew that was important.

I didn’t remember much of how I came to be here, most of it went by in such a blur. One minute I remember I was driving along, and now here I am sprawled out on the pavement.

I must have got out of my car at some point, I can see it over there parked on the other side of the road. It looks alright to me. But I’m not. It hurt my head to think about how everything happened, it was taking too much concentration to focus my thoughts. I needed that energy to keep myself awake. To keep myself alive.

I could feel hard and rough ground on the left side of my face, I was lying down making the world look odd at this angle. I could still wiggle the fingers on my left hand, and I could feel my hair with the fingertips. My right hand too seemed to be functioning alright, it took effort but I managed to move my arm up towards my face.

Anything below my waste though was a mystery. There was no pain, it didn’t feel cold, there was just … nothing.

I felt so tired and weak now, my eyes beginning to droop again. I became vaguely aware of the familiar sounds of sirens, the flashes of blue lights and people in bright yellow jackets flitting about the place. They seemed to be concentrating on something on the other side of the road, not far from my car. Then they were looking at my car, inside my car. I tried to will them with my mind, ‘I’m over here! Help me!’

It feels nice to lie with my eyes closed, blocking out all the noise and the chaos around me. I can drift off into my own mind, where I am safe, nothing has happened. I’m lying on the beach, soaking up the warmth of the sun and listening to the lap of the waves as it gently caresses the sand. I hear the children screaming with joy as they chase each other through the surf.

The screaming continues, and I force my eyes open when I realise it’s a real sound now. Struggling to focus I think I can make out someone running over, ‘They’ve found me! They’ve found me!’ On the inside I rejoice. More people are coming now, it’s all going to be alright. Surely …

2 thoughts on “Fun With Freewriting – Week 6: Crash

    1. Thanks Carrie. At the moment I’m getting my prompts from A Writers Book of Days by Judy Reeves.
      I guess this is my mind-baby, which I’m using solely for fiction work.

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