Free Writing Fun

Fun With Freewriting – Week 8: Hopeful

Welcome to another installment of free writing fun! Please remember this is very rough, but may be something to be worked up later.

When she looked up he was looking at her again. She’d noticed him about half an hour ago, and since then she hadn’t been able to concentrate on anything in her books. The first couple of times when they’d noticed each other looking she’d thought it was just coincidence, their eyes meeting across the tables as they contemplated their studies. But then she found herself looking over on purpose, testing him to see if he was looking as much as he was. So far he was keeping pace with her, and he appeared to have abandoned all intentions of actually doing any more studying.

She couldn’t help but smile now each time their eyes met, and it became wider the more she did it. He reciprocated her encouragement, his broadening lips and twinkling eyes setting her heart aflutter at the attention.

A rustling of a coat and bag distracted her for a moment, and she put her head down to her notes again as the newcomer entered and walked past the main desk. Her heart sank as this person sat himself down at the desk opposite, obscuring her view. All she could see now was a mass of long curly hair, trapped on either side by large headphones emitting a low humming sound.

She felt deflated and returned to her reading. After another half an hour she heard noise from across the room, and realised her unknown friend was packing up to leave. Inside she felt herself building towards some kind of mild panic. She was almost desperate to give him some kind of sign, to let him know she still held an interest, but was at a loss at how to do it. The quiet forum of the library was hardly the place to jump up and declare oneself loudly to another.

She was still wrestling with herself when his shadow fell across her desk as he went by, and her breath caught in her throat as he dropped a piece of paper on her books as he passed. Quickly, she placed a hand over it, fearful it may suddenly be swept away on some invisible breeze. With a hand on either side she opened it up and read his message. She felt the grin spreading across her face but didn’t care who saw her. She had to read it over and over to make sure of its intent.

She turned in her seat, hoping to catch his eye and offer some kind of signal in response, but all she caught was the door as it closed gently on its hinges.

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