Free Writing Fun

Fun With Freewriting – Week 16: Reflections


Here is the latest installment of  Fun with Freewriting. Please leave a comment if you have the time, I enjoy and encourage feedback. It’s all a learning process after all!


Looking at her reflection in the mirror, Jackie could hardly believe that the person gazing back was herself. She didn’t look anything like the woman she thought she was, or even felt she was. Gone were her long red curls that used to cascade over her shoulders and down her back, replaced now with grey hair cropped short for convenience and pushed back absently behind her ears.

        Her face looked thinner than it used to be, not in an unhealthy way but her cheeks weren’t as plump as she’d like and her cheekbones and eyes had a little too much emphasis. Her clothes didn’t appear to cling to her body either as they once did, instead just hanging from her shoulders and loosely covering her frame. Without lifting her blouse to check, she didn’t believe she had any hips or breasts to even speak of.

        What has happened to her? Had so much time passed her by that she barely even noticed what it had done to her?

        She looked again at the clothes she’d brought into the changing room to try on. They didn’t look any different to the ones she was already wearing. They had the same dull straight lines and were the same drab colours with no life in them at all. Looking again at herself in the mirror she sighed. She always used to make much more of an effort, thinking carefully about her outfit, her hair, her makeup.

        She realised she was retired now but that really was no excuse, surely she should have more time to think about and plan these things. She could understand it when the children were little and she spent all of her time running around and looking after them. But they were all grown now and had set up their own lives a long time ago. She had the grandchildren every now and again but that was far more of a pleasure than a chore.

        Something definitely had to be done, before she gave up on herself completely. Grabbing the new clothes, still on their hangers, she hoisted her bag over her shoulder and stepped out of the changing room. She left the shop assistant bewildered  as she handed the clothes back, explaining that they were just too old for her. She strode from the shop and headed over to her husband who’d been waiting for her.

        ‘Didn’t you fancy anything from there, love?’ he asked.

        ‘No,’ she replied, ‘it’s all just too old. Let’s find somewhere else.’

        She put her arm through his and set of with purpose. She needed a better clothes shop and a cosmetics department. And after that, she thought to herself, maybe they’d go and see what the travel agents had to offer.



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