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Fun With Freewriting – Week 17: No rest


Here is my latest offering for Fun with Freewriting. Please leave a comment if you have the time, I enjoy and encourage feedback. To check out my previous ramblings click on the link or tab at the top of the page.


Time is taken for granted in too many ways. We look at the clock constantly throughout the day, too many times to count, always checking that we’re in the right place for that particular point in time.

It’s almost a given that tomorrow will always come for us, and the next day and the day after that. But for many of us that certainty is not always there, and although as individuals we never really know it, there is always one who does. He knows the fate of all of us, from the moment we enter into this world in a daze and full of confusion, he knows just how many days we have been given to walk this land. He has no hand in this decision you understand, that decision comes from somewhere, something far greater than himself, he is simply supplied with the knowledge.

And, understandably, he does not work alone. There are far too many of us trundling across this planet for hi to cope with such a burden alone, he couldn’t possibly be on opposite sides of this globe at precisely the same time should the need arise. So he has his minions to assist him, a legion that is thousands strong and spread out as evenly as they can be.

His selection process for this task is a tough one too, only the best will do. It is not an easy job recovering the souls of the dead, especially if in life they had excelled at being evil. And if the soul had their wits about them and fled, they could be devilishly hard to catch. They’d lost no end of souls that were running around causing mayhem because a collector had taken their eye off the ball. And that usually meant he had to step in himself, meaning a massive detour in his plans in most cases.

He felt it a shame that he had to delegate his work in this way, he was convinced that the rest of them didn’t bring such care and attention to the job as he did. They only saw it as a job, no matter how much they protested the fact.

He would much prefer to attend each and every one of them himself, to give them the level of respect that they’d earned in their life. If only there was a way to replicate himself for the task, he’d have no need for the rest of them.

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