Free Writing Fun

Fun With Freewriting – Week 18: Decisions


Time again for some Fun with Freewriting. Please leave a comment if you have the time, I enjoy and encourage feedback. To check out my previous ramblings click on the link or tab at the top of the page.


The wind is blowing outside, keeping you from sleep. It whips around the guy-ropes, pulling tight against the tent and you pray that the pegs were hammered in hard enough. The outer sheet blows against the inner, threatening to collapse the whole tent around you. You have to resist the urge to brace your hands against either side, trying to keep everything in place through sheer will.

Where was John? He should have been back hours ago. The longer time goes on without his return only heightens the inner turmoil you’re going through. He told you to stay put no matter how long it took him to get back, but as the night draws on and the wind howls around you it’s getting harder to stick to his advice.

The rain has started now, gently to begin with but it doesn’t take long until it’s beating down hard, joining with the cacophony already surrounding your little bubble. It’s almost impossible to hear the sounds of anything else now, no way to hear the noises from anything that may approach, be it friend or foe.

What if John can’t make it back, and one of the others has to come in his place? You have no way of knowing if they are on your side or theirs. They’re hardly likely to declare themselves loudly as they get nearer, putting your mind at ease. And even if they did, what reason do you have to believe them? They would probably declare that anyway, even if they were the enemy, gaining your trust before they pounced.

If only John had left you with some sort of clue, some strategy of knowing who to trust and who to fear. Instead you have to sit here and ponder, scaring yourself more and more as you can only think about the worst case scenarios.

But eventually you will have to make a decision. Do you stay, paralysed in your own fear, until someone comes and finds you, all the time knowing it could mean life or death?

Or do you make a move? To either go out and find John for yourself, or simply to remove yourself  from being such an easy target?

Which would you do?


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