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Fun With Freewriting – Week 21: A place for all


Fun with Freewriting time! I like the idea for this as one central place being used and respected by so many different groups.

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Standing alone in the middle of the field, the shade tree stretches its branches as far as it can. Each year its reach extends that little bit further, its foliage growing that little bit greener. With nothing to stand in its way, the branches have grown  out equally in all directions, leaving a near perfect circle of shade beneath. The field in which it stands is lush in green grass, never grazed or used for crops, instead the owner keeping the grass short anyway.

        A well worn path leads from the gateway directly to the foot of the tree, and the gate is never locked. Everyone understands the importance of this place, and so it remains free and open to all. Visitors are known to have traveled hundreds of miles to see it, to touch it, and both young and old alike are drawn to the place. Surprisingly, despite the large volume of visitors each month, there had never been a single act of vandalism against the place, no scrap of litter left behind, or any other sign that someone had spent their morning or afternoon there.

        Of course, there were theories abound about the draw of the place, from historical and biblical to supernatural and scientific. In the local towns and villages, debates had been known to last for days over its origins and its purpose, but once there, by the tree together, all the arguments seemed to drift away on the breeze. Whatever their beliefs, everyone would stand side by side, brought together in unity by its beauty and wonder.

        Nobody seemed to know exactly how old it was, despite plenty of digging into it. Its solitary nature made it difficult to determine from photographs, other than the method of the photography itself. Even the oldest available pictures showed it to be a good size, so how far back it became established was anyones guess.

        Over the generations, so many celebrations and festivals had been held in its honour it was equally difficult to keep track of them all. All manner of groups had paid their respects in their own ways, some loud and brash, others more quiet and subtle affairs, but each group had a great respect for the rest and would always leave it exactly as they’d found it, with never a sign that they’d even been there.

        Far away from any hustle and bustle, the shade tree and its surroundings offered a place of sanctuary and tranquility to all that may require it. A place surviving the test of time and bringing joy and hope to as many as it can.

One thought on “Fun With Freewriting – Week 21: A place for all

  1. An interesting premis and one that I feel could turn in several directions of Genre. On the face of it I could imagine the story fitting within the genre of Magic Realism or Modern fairy tale or Gothic.

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