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Mistaken identity? – A WWBH post

This post is part of the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop, a weekly meme designed to inspire creativity and encourage sharing of stories.

The hop is co-hosted by myself over at Reading, Writing and Everything in Between, Leanne Sype at Writings and Ruminations, Tena Carr at Jottings and Writings and Debb Stanton at Stanton Sunshine.

The challenge this week is to write a piece of flash fiction in up to 500 words, using one picture and five random words as inspiration. All of these elements need to be incorporated into your story somewhere.

Unintentionally, this story seems to be influenced somewhat by a book I’ve read recently, Before I Go to Sleep by S J Watson. An excellent read which I would definitely recommend.

This weeks picture:

MANDATORY WORDS:  murky, triumphant, hasenpfeffer, territory, lingual


This weeks words:                            Murky, triumphant, hasenpfeffer, territory, lingual


This weeks story:

Mistaken identity?

Derek awoke with both joy and sadness in his heart. It was his 40th wedding anniversary and he’d planned to celebrate in style. He always knew if he and Sheryl reached this milestone, he’d plan something even more memorable than their wedding had been.

        It had been one of the proudest days of his life, standing at the altar with the woman of his dreams, everyone else melting away to leave the two of them standing in the moment. The love he’d felt for her then went beyond the limitations of any lingual interpretation, and it hadn’t wavered in all the years they’d spent together.

        Descending the stairs to prepare breakfast, he paused at the bottom to take in their wedding photo’s. Side by side, one was from the big day itself, and next to that a similar picture of them both in their wedding finery, but with them aged by thirty years. Sheryl had wanted to match as closely as possible the two photos, a before and after with the renewal of their vows. In the second photo they both beamed triumphantly, celebrating three decades and still with the same love and respect for each other.

        He’d sent this picture to the newspaper, to celebrate their anniversary with the world. Now that she’d gone it was the only part of his big plans that he felt he could do without feeling his heart breaking completely. Losing her had been a devastation he’d hoped would have happened much later in their lives. It was new territory having to step out without her, to continue on with his usual everyday routines. It had been a tough road to walk by himself, but somehow he found the strength.

        Unable to enjoy the plans he’d intended for this day, he contented himself with sitting in the sunshine with their photo albums and his memories.


Helen paused over her hasenpfeffer as she skimmed through the newspaper. She almost missed the picture of the married couple celebrating their anniversary, their 40th apparently. As she looked closer at the picture and read through the article, her fork made a clang on the plate as her hand dropped. Grabbing the paper in both hands she scrutinized the photo as she headed for the hallway. Gazing in the mirror she looked from herself to the picture and back again.

        The same eyes stared back at her from the mirror and the paper, but how could that possibly be? Reading through again she confirmed his wife had died five years ago. Just around the time that she’d had her accident and Simon had brought her to live here. Everything before that was murky in her own mind, but he’d been filling in the gaps for her.

        Her spine tingled with the coincidence in the paper, and she quickly hid it away as she heard her husband coming in through the kitchen door. Suddenly, she felt so unsure of a lot of things …


Word count: 495

9 thoughts on “Mistaken identity? – A WWBH post

  1. Hi! This could very easily be turned into a short story or novella. It is a very interesting premise and worthy of expanding.

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