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Will you … – A WWBH post

This week we have been offered two pictures as inspiration for our flash fiction pieces, and they are certainly suggestive of a food and drink theme. I’ve been told that my stories are often of the dark and sinister kind, so this week I’ve gone for something a little more romantic and light-hearted. Let me know what you think …

Will you …

        ‘I suppose bringing me a cupcake will make everything alright, does it?’

        ‘No,’ replied Dan, ‘but I’m hoping a whole batch of cupcakes might.’

        She looked at him, trying to maintain her stern face as he grinned at her. She turned to the window before he saw her soften. He wasn’t getting away with it that easily. It had been a hard few months, and her birthday had kept her going through everything. ‘How could you forget?’ she asked, ‘I wrote it on every calendar you own.’

        ‘I know, sweets,’ he said, lowering his head, preparing himself. He knew this was coming, and he probably deserved it.

        ‘I just don’t know what goes through your mind sometimes,’ she said, standing to pace the room. ‘Do you even think about anybody else?’

        ‘Well, of course … ‘

        ‘I know, I know,’ she interrupted, ‘you think about Steve, how could you ever leave him out of anything.’

        Dan tried to ignore the tone of her voice as she said Steve’s name. ‘It’s not like that, you know.’

        ‘Yes, it is,’ she said. She felt the rage boiling within her now, ready to let out all the tension. ‘Whenever I want to plan anything, you have to run off to Steve to see if you’re free to do it. Don’t you see it should be the other way around!’

        ‘That’s not how it is,’ he replied, ‘I’m just being a good mate. He’s been pretty lonely since Jess left him, you know. I’m just trying to look after him.’

        ‘But what about me?’ she turned to face him now. ‘You need to look after me too. I know he’s your friend, but surely I’m more to you than that.’ She could feel the tension in the room, and knew it was her doing. She didn’t enjoy being unreasonable, but she needed to tell him this. She didn’t want to go the way his friends had.

        He came over to her then, put his arms around her. She let him hold her, closing her eyes and enjoying his warmth.

        ‘I’m sorry,’ he said softly, ‘it wasn’t supposed to work out this way.’

        ‘Work out?’ she said, suddenly starting to panic.

        He left her a moment while he went into the other room, and came back with his hands behind him. ‘I didn’t mean to miss your birthday, in fact I had something very special planned. Steve really did need me though, he’s been really bad since Jess left him.’

        She didn’t know what to say in return, the guilt began to consume her.

        ‘I hope this will make amends though.’

        He held out a bottle of drink for her, her name on the label. She took it from him and turned it over in her hands, puzzled at the gesture.

        On the other side he’d stuck his own label, with four very special words. She couldn’t stop her face from reacting, and the smile told Dan all he needed to know.

Word count: 495


This post is part of the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop, a weekly meme designed to inspire creativity and encourage sharing of stories.   The hop is co-hosted by  Leanne Sype at Writings and Ruminations, Tena Carr at Taini’s Writings, Debb Stanton at Stanton Sunshine and myself over at Reading, Writing and Everything in Between,


10 thoughts on “Will you … – A WWBH post

  1. Now that’s a novel way to propose! The cupcakes would work for me, but definitely not the Coke – blaauuch – I’ll have coffee or a hot chocolate with mine please 😉

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