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The cold outside – A WWBH post

This post is part of the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop, a weekly meme designed to inspire creativity and encourage sharing of stories.

The hop is co-hosted by myself over at Reading, Writing and Everything in Between, Leanne Sype at Writings and Ruminations, Tena Carr at Taini’s Writings and Debb Stanton at Stanton Sunshine.


I realise that it’s been more than a little while since I’ve done this little writers hop. It doesn’t take long to get back into the swing of it, though, and I (almost) feel like I’ve never been away.

This week we have been working with two pictures as inspiration, and given the change in the weather over the past few days this seemed rather appropriate. I hope you enjoy …

The cold outside

Sitting around the table together, I felt the warmth of my fathers hand in my right and my daughters hand in my left. The food that lay before us steamed, covering the table, and the smells made more than just my tummy rumble in anticipation of our final meal together.

grace-family I glanced up at the others as we sat silently with our own prayers, our own thoughts and worries about what was going to happen. Looking from one face to the next, I wondered what was going through their minds. The children looked scared, little Evie’s hand gripping onto mine so tightly. Sitting across from me Nathan met my gaze, his mouth curling in that half smile I always found so adorable. My parents were the only ones who were managing to carry on as normal. They looked so peaceful as they sat together, watching over the rest of us and keeping the family together in these final hours.

The fire roared in the hearth behind us, determined to provide us with heat while it still could. It spluttered against the wind threatening down the chimney, but stood its ground for now.

It had been at least a week since I’d last felt properly warm. The suns power had diminished quicker than anybody thought it could, and the effects were felt soon after. The cars had seized up after only two days, leaving us stranded here, house bound. We were together at least, though, so we had to be grateful for small mercies.

IMG_12586d        The lakes had frozen over, which was expected and not at all an unusual sight, but everyone had been shocked to see the oceans themselves giving in to the freezing temperatures. The entire planet had been turned upside down, and nothing could prepare us for the devastation that was inevitable.

What had begun as the usual, seasonal turn in the weather, had turned into a nightmare than none of us could wake from. This meal would be our last, not just as a family, but forever. The lights flickered as the power finally gave up, the backup generator doing its best to cope. We knew we wouldn’t have long.

We began to eat, everyone still in silence, and I enjoyed the food as it warmed through me. Savouring the sensation, I closed my eyes again and remembered being gathered like this but in happier, sweeter times. As I finished my plate, the last of the electricity finally failed and we looked at each other in the fading light. Evie crawled up into my lap and I held her close, feeling her tremble as the outside walls began to freeze. I closed my eyes and breathed in the scent of her hair. Happy memories flooded my mind as we waited for the end to freeze us in this moment.

Word count: 471

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