Starting Over – Friday Fictioneers

Friday Fictioneers Farm Path


Today is Friday, so time for Friday Fictioneers! Using the picture given, and a 100 word allowance, we create something that’s triggered from the image. Not necessarily a direct link to the picture, but something awakened from seeing it.

This week I managed to sneak my story in a touch under the word limit.


FF_santoshwriter (1)


Starting over

Stepping out into the warmth of the sunshine, dew still lingered on the grass beneath her feet. The sensation felt like it should be familiar, but her brain refused to make any connection. That happened a lot these days.

She couldn’t even miss her life before the accident. How can you miss what you can’t remember?

Today she started her new life, all over again. She could repeat her first experiences, as though it were all brand new. She couldn’t help but wonder if she’d make the same mistakes as in her previous life, but she’d never really know.


Word count: 99

13 thoughts on “Starting Over – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Interesting take on the prompt and i like the way you write! I wonder how is it possible that she wonders if she makes same mistakes from the life before accident (when she rememberes nothing from that part?)?

    1. Thank you very much! She is aware that she had a life before the accident, but the details and memories that were her own are now lost to her.

  2. This photo does inspire the idea of freshness. Great story. New beginnings from nothing. I wonder if amnesia victims feel that not remembering is a blessing or a curse?

    1. I suppose it’s one of those things we may never really know, and it would probably depend on whether their old lives were good ones or not.

  3. Dear HJ,

    I believe a welcome to Friday Fictioneers is in order.

    I can’t imagine what it would be like to have all of your memories taken away. Well done. I hope to read more from you.



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