Reminiscing and reaching out – an IWSG blog post #IWSG

This post is part of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, an awesome blog hop frequented by writers of all kinds; those new to writing, those who are more seasoned, those who do it full time and those who dip in and out. For more details go to the main sign-up page, and why not drop by a few blogs while you’re there. Make sure you’ve got plenty of time though, you could be there longer than you thought …

The question posed for this month’s post is:

Has a single photo or work of art ever inspired a story? What was it and did you finish it?

A few years ago I used to take part in a blog hop called the ‘Writer Wednesday Blog Hop’. Each week one of the co-hosts would post a picture and a selection of random words and the aim was to write some flash fiction up to 500 words and post the following week.

I used to really enjoy this challenge, I found the picture and the choice of words would really focus my mind and get me concentrating on my writing.

I’ve just done a little Google search (as you do) and can’t seem to find anything more recent than 2015 for this blog hop, which is a real shame because it was a lot of fun, but I realise it was a long time ago and those bloggers have probably/possibly moved onto other writing adventures now.

Does anyone else remember this blog hop? Do these logos ring any bells?


If anyone remembers this blog hop I’d love to hear whether you took part or just enjoyed reading the stories, and if you were one of the co-hosts then do get in touch. It was a lovely bunch of ladies that used to keep this going and it would be great to hear from you again. In fact, I’m pretty sure that Nicole Pyles over at The World of My Imagination is on the IWSG sign-up list … 

13 thoughts on “Reminiscing and reaching out – an IWSG blog post #IWSG

  1. Can’t say I remember that particular blog hop, but I used to be involved in something called “Starting Points,” which was run by a website called Sci-Fi Ideas. These sorts of things can be a great way to spur creativity, help new writers get started, or help more experienced writers push through writer’s block.

  2. I sort of remember the hop, but it’s been a while. I didn’t take part. Inspiration has never been a problem. I know, I should be shot for admitting that. But I’m here to say I’m seriously stuck on the ending to my current WIP. I mean, really stuck. It’s been years of revising without coming up with an outstanding ending.

  3. Yes, Debb Stanton was one of the co-hosts and I believe she is trying to start a blog hop up again perhaps again this coming March. You can find her on Facebook and go to her page from there. I used to contribute to the Writer Wednesday Bloghop as well.
    Debbie Stanton, Author.

  4. Dear Heather, the WEP Challenge every two months has a picture or painting and a title as prompts for a flash fiction or poem up to 1000 words. Next one February, posting 19/21st. See on IWSG page , WEP Challenge (write, edit, publish) for the whole year. Have an inspiring writing month.

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