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Lost and Found, #FridayFictioneers

Something I used to enjoy in my previous incarnation as a blogger was the weekly flash fiction hops. I would post regularly and it was good for practicing my skills, particularly in the short short forms.

I’ve recently come across such a hop and it’s called Friday Fictioneers. That’s actually a little fib, I found it quite a long time ago but it’s taken me ages to get round to posting anything and taking part. Nerves and all that, you know?

Anyway, it’s run by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and each week she posts a picture to be used as a prompt for a 100-word piece of flash fiction. Thank you for being a wonderful host Rochelle!

Please do head to her blog to read through the other stories posted in the link, and here is my contribution. (Please be kind, I haven’t done this for a while …)

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

Lost and Found

‘They must be here somewhere,’ I whispered, trying to avoid bumping into anyone, scouring the floor between legs and feet.

‘Sorry, Mum, I didn’t mean to drop them.’

‘Don’t worry.’ My voice was calm, but inside I was trying not to panic. The noise of the market was overwhelming my senses, the veg seller shouting about apples and pears. It was an impossible task to look for anything in the melee, too many feet kicking and scuffling.

I stopped, took a deep breath, tried to focus. The veg seller was no longer calling about fruit.

‘Keys! Anyone lost some keys?!’

Word count: 100

25 thoughts on “Lost and Found, #FridayFictioneers

  1. Welcome to Friday Fictioneers, Heather!
    This was a wonderful contribution. How lucky for her someone found them and gave them to a guy with a good pair of lungs!

  2. Well done, Heather. Your ‘hop’ brought back memories of both childhood and parenthood. Please come back. Mistress Rochelle pushes these jewels out during the wee hours on Wednesdays. It’s hard to beat the Brits to the post, but it is fun trying. 🙂

  3. Dear Heather,

    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers. Glad you decided to post. Your last line left me with a sense of relief. Nicely done.
    One of the things I loved about FF when I joined 10 years ago was the reciprocal global community. Habit forming.



  4. You had me right there with her, searching, and her relief when the miracle occurs. She must have thought the keys were gone for good. I’ll add my welcome to Friday Fictioneers too. I understand about the nerves, and also about the benefits of taking part.

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