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Fun With Freewriting – Week 11: Life slips you by

Who’s ready for another slice of freewriting fun? I’m not sure where this one came from really, I was just wondering how someone would feel if they’d got so far in their life and realised how much they’d missed. Time is a cruel thing, not letting you go back and change anything. Sometimes you just have to live with that fact …

Looking too far ahead can be dangerous, it can cause you to lose sight of what’s happening in that moment. Without even realising it you’re wishing your life away, longing for what may or may not happen. By pinpointing and fixating on a particular achievement, the majority of your time is spent striving towards that point, constantly thinking about it and working towards it.

A lot of the time this means bypassing everything else happening in life, sidestepping all other responsibilities just so that you can maintain that focus. This is how life slips you by.

This is what happened to Trevor, and he only realised it when he came home one evening and found his grown up son and daughter were like strangers to him. He had no idea what kind of people they’d become, what they were even doing with their lives, and had no recollection of their journeys from infant to adult.

It only started to bother him when he realised how well they both got on with his wife, their mother. She seemed to know all the details of their lives; who their friends were, what their hobbies were. He didn’t even know they had jobs, let alone what they could be.

And yet he looked at his son and saw a reflection of himself, his own image from so many years ago, but diluted slightly with some of his wife’s feature. He wondered to himself, just how could it be that a face so familiar could be so alien all at the same time. On the outside he felt like he knew this person, this product of his own genetics, and yet the inside was totally foreign, an enigma he found impossible to unravel.

He was sure he could remember them being born, bringing them home and those first tentative steps into parenthood. But as he sat with all the family photo albums scattered around him on the living room floor, he realised how little he’d actually witnessed for himself. He didn’t even recall the most important times, birthdays and Christmas’s. Surely he’d been around for those? And his wife’s birthdays? Their anniversaries?

As the enormity of all that he’d missed hit home in his mind, his head felt heavy on his shoulders. Emotions began to overwhelm him throughout, he felt his shoulders shaking as the sobs came, unexpected and unimpeded. He didn’t cry out, just letting the tears fall freely down his cheeks until they soaked his shirt.

Free Writing Fun

Fun With Freewriting – Week 10: Summer

It’s free writing fun time! This may seem optimistic given the weather conditions of late, but a weekend of sunshine has left me inspired for this one …

Looking out as far as the sea goes, all looks calm and serene. The border between the sun and the sky is a perfect line, giving away no hints of the movements and turmoil beneath.

Closer to the shore though is all different. The waves race towards the beach, gathering momentum, encouraging their fellows in a race towards land. Finally, in one last burst of energy they break. Foam sprays and creeps along the sand, like arms reaching out as far as they can go. Right at this moment they are reaching for my toes as I wiggle them defiantly, daring them to stretch out and grab me.

The air is still for the most part, the breeze occasionally coming off the waves and cooling my skin. The sun is sitting high in the sky, beating down in all its glory. The handful of white, fluffy clouds that do hover in the sky keep a respectful distance today, not wanting to spoil anybodies play.

The towel beneath me is just as warm as the sand now, and as I move I can feel it shifting beneath my weight. I’ve found my spot just on the border between the soft, pliable sand and the more compact, water-laden area. Close enough for the water to constantly tempt me in, but far enough that it can’t quite reach me yet.

Surprisingly, the area around me is fairly empty. The families keep themselves back towards the promenade, close to the toilets for the little ones in an emergency, but also keeping them a safe distance from the water.

Further down, the groups of girls and guys are scattered along the beach, each trying their best to grab the attention of and impress the other, but subtly enough to make it seem natural and casual. I wonder how many of them will be pairing off by the end of their holidays.

In delightful contrast to the young ones, here and there among the crowd are sweet, elderly couples enjoying the sun and the sand. The old traditions are still clear for them, sitting in their long shorts and skirts, sleeves to their elbows and large hats to shade their fragile skin from the harsh rays from above. Only their feet are fully exposed, toes twiddling with the loose sand. Hand in hand, they sit together peacefully, enjoying the company of each other and the glorious day surrounding them.

Free Writing Fun

Fun With Freewriting – Week 9: Journey

Time for another, although belated, installment of free writing fun! As usual, this is very rough, but I hope you still enjoy it …

Off in the distance the sun had started to set again on this long journey. I had managed to stop for provisions during the afternoon, and now had a stack of food and drink behind the passenger seat. One thing that would be lacking tonight though was a comfortable bed.

I hadn’t planned any part of this journey, and if I had done I would have made sure to locate some proper hotels or B&B’s to head for each night. At least I had the common sense to bring my sleeping bag with me.

The first night hadn’t been too bad, I’d managed to get a single bed at the Travelodge, but last night had been in the car parked at a busy 24hr service station. There had been constant traffic flow all night, mostly loud lorries, and the fluorescent lighting had been a permanent feature, but it had all made me feel that little bit safer.

Somehow I didn’t expect to even get that luxury tonight. I’d started to leave the bigger towns and cities behind me as early evening began to make its appearance, and now the darker it became the more distance there seemed to be between the smaller villages. As the buildings became sparser, the trees grew all the more frequent until there was enough of them to constitute a small wood. I kept driving though, assuming it couldn’t really last for that long and hoping it would be soon so that I could stop somewhere for a rest.

As I continued though, the trees only seemed to get denser as well as bigger and were appearing much closer to the road. The dread that I’d been trying to keep buried started to make itself known as I realised I was probably going to have to stop soon. I hadn’t been relishing the idea but it seemed I didn’t have many other choices, if any.

Coming across a shallow lay-by, I pulled over and off the road as far as I could and killed the engine. Turning off the headlights, I sat and listened to the engine ticking as it cooled, settling itself in for the night.

I sat still for a long time, letting my eyes adjust to the dark, turning my head back and forth as I got used to the sounds of the night. I knew I would have to move soon, to get myself out of the car to retrieve my sleeping bag from the boot, but at that moment my own terror seemed to be keeping me firmly in place.



Free Writing Fun

Fun With Freewriting – Week 8: Hopeful

Welcome to another installment of free writing fun! Please remember this is very rough, but may be something to be worked up later.

When she looked up he was looking at her again. She’d noticed him about half an hour ago, and since then she hadn’t been able to concentrate on anything in her books. The first couple of times when they’d noticed each other looking she’d thought it was just coincidence, their eyes meeting across the tables as they contemplated their studies. But then she found herself looking over on purpose, testing him to see if he was looking as much as he was. So far he was keeping pace with her, and he appeared to have abandoned all intentions of actually doing any more studying.

She couldn’t help but smile now each time their eyes met, and it became wider the more she did it. He reciprocated her encouragement, his broadening lips and twinkling eyes setting her heart aflutter at the attention.

A rustling of a coat and bag distracted her for a moment, and she put her head down to her notes again as the newcomer entered and walked past the main desk. Her heart sank as this person sat himself down at the desk opposite, obscuring her view. All she could see now was a mass of long curly hair, trapped on either side by large headphones emitting a low humming sound.

She felt deflated and returned to her reading. After another half an hour she heard noise from across the room, and realised her unknown friend was packing up to leave. Inside she felt herself building towards some kind of mild panic. She was almost desperate to give him some kind of sign, to let him know she still held an interest, but was at a loss at how to do it. The quiet forum of the library was hardly the place to jump up and declare oneself loudly to another.

She was still wrestling with herself when his shadow fell across her desk as he went by, and her breath caught in her throat as he dropped a piece of paper on her books as he passed. Quickly, she placed a hand over it, fearful it may suddenly be swept away on some invisible breeze. With a hand on either side she opened it up and read his message. She felt the grin spreading across her face but didn’t care who saw her. She had to read it over and over to make sure of its intent.

She turned in her seat, hoping to catch his eye and offer some kind of signal in response, but all she caught was the door as it closed gently on its hinges.

Free Writing Fun

Fun With Freewriting – Week 7: Thief

Another week of free writing fun! Enjoy!

Keeping my head down, I pulled my scarf up around my neck to keep the chill away. One gloved hand over my mouth, my breathing keeping it warm, the other carrying a bag and holding onto the handles just a little too tightly. If I dropped it the entire contents would spill over the pavement, revealing my indiscretion to all.

Lifting the bag, I put both arms around it now, keeping it safe and warm from the elements. I glanced around constantly, on the lookout for anyone who may notice me acting suspiciously, not my usual self. My pace quickened without me even realising it, and I was halfway to the car before I encountered another soul.

Instinctively I clutched the bag more tightly, hiding the contents from view. I made a conscious effort to slow my pace, make it look more natural, and the guy smiles at me politely as we passed. I couldn’t bring myself to return his smile and his face changed to one of puzzlement at my complete lack of manners. I didn’t much care at that point and picked my pace up again.

I could see my car now, I was nearly there. I fumbled in my coat pocket as I glanced up to check the road, and managed to blip the lock as I approached. I squeezed into the drivers side and closed the door against the cold, resting my head against the rest as I finally relaxed, sighing with relief.

I finally managed a peak inside my bag, to see that my quarry was safe on its travels. I was so intent on it that I jumped almost out of my skin at the tap on the window.


Free Writing Fun

Fun With Freewriting – Week 6: Crash

Another addition of some free writing fun! I hope you enjoy!

I could feel my eyelids drooping again, my body and mind so tired. I knew I needed to stay awake, that my life depended on it. It hurt now to breathe too deeply, I concentrated on shallower breath and making the most of taking in the oxygen. Somehow I knew that was important.

I didn’t remember much of how I came to be here, most of it went by in such a blur. One minute I remember I was driving along, and now here I am sprawled out on the pavement.

I must have got out of my car at some point, I can see it over there parked on the other side of the road. It looks alright to me. But I’m not. It hurt my head to think about how everything happened, it was taking too much concentration to focus my thoughts. I needed that energy to keep myself awake. To keep myself alive.

I could feel hard and rough ground on the left side of my face, I was lying down making the world look odd at this angle. I could still wiggle the fingers on my left hand, and I could feel my hair with the fingertips. My right hand too seemed to be functioning alright, it took effort but I managed to move my arm up towards my face.

Anything below my waste though was a mystery. There was no pain, it didn’t feel cold, there was just … nothing.

I felt so tired and weak now, my eyes beginning to droop again. I became vaguely aware of the familiar sounds of sirens, the flashes of blue lights and people in bright yellow jackets flitting about the place. They seemed to be concentrating on something on the other side of the road, not far from my car. Then they were looking at my car, inside my car. I tried to will them with my mind, ‘I’m over here! Help me!’

It feels nice to lie with my eyes closed, blocking out all the noise and the chaos around me. I can drift off into my own mind, where I am safe, nothing has happened. I’m lying on the beach, soaking up the warmth of the sun and listening to the lap of the waves as it gently caresses the sand. I hear the children screaming with joy as they chase each other through the surf.

The screaming continues, and I force my eyes open when I realise it’s a real sound now. Struggling to focus I think I can make out someone running over, ‘They’ve found me! They’ve found me!’ On the inside I rejoice. More people are coming now, it’s all going to be alright. Surely …

Free Writing Fun

Fun With Freewriting – Week 5: Deadly


And here’s the second of my favourite free-writes for this week …


The skin on her cheek had already started to blister, the first sign that she’d been infected. It wouldn’t be long before it spread to the rest of her body, leaving her in agony wanting to scratch and relieve the burning and the itching. Walking out of the room, Riley knew what he had to do. It wasn’t going to be easy on the family and he knew he’d suffer himself. He had been too late for this one, and it was his own fault. If he’d been paying more attention to his job than to his personal affairs then maybe he could have saved this girl.

He walked into the living area where her mother and father sat comforting one another. He would need to get their permission before he went ahead, and it came with the nod of the fathers head as he held his wife in their grief.

He headed back quietly into the bedroom where she was still sleeping, the sedative he’d administered still at work. Over the years he’d learned how to deal with victims kindly, humanely. She would never feel a thing. He bent over his bag and rustled through it for a syringe and vial that would end her suffering, but was distracted by a shuffling outside the window. The storm had long passed and only a gentle wind was left now, but not enough to cause the shutters to blow and bang. He looked up to see an outline in the window, larger than a man and it was banging against the pane, trying to break inside. Riley abandoned his search and pulled his rifle up from the floor. He slunk back into the shadows before he was seen, waiting for his opportunity to slay the beast once and for all.

The thing had managed to get the frame loose from its hinges and it clattered to the ground, a breeze came in through the open gap with a cold blast against Riley’s exposed arms. He hadn’t banked on the parents hearing the commotion, and they opened the door now to see if it was finally over, to see if they could finally grieve fully. He beast looked up in shock to see the intruders and aimed itself at them, but Riley managed to intervene, throwing them out of the door in protection. They all landed on a heap in the hallway, confusion clear on their faces. Riley raced back into the room to face the beast full on but he was too late. Again. It had already fled, and had taken Talia with it. Riley now faced a race against time to recover her before it really became too late …


Free Writing Fun

Fun With Freewriting – Week 4: Forgive me …

Time for another of my prompted free-writes, 30 minutes of writing whatever flows from a given sentence or idea.

I missed last weeks post so I’ll make up for it this week with two of my favourites instead.

As usual, please bear in mind that it’s very rough and ready, and hasn’t been through much editing other than spell checking! Here is the first …


The end of the road leads to my heart. The question is, do you want to go down it. It’s not a straight road by any means, there are plenty of bends and turns, bumps and holes in it. I’d like to think the journey will be worth it in the end but really, only you can decide. You’ve had plenty of troubles in the past, I realise that, but I’m willing to see past all of that for the sake of our happiness. Heaven knows, I’ve not been an angel myself, you only need to look at me to know that. If we can just pull together, for the love of each other, then I know we can make it.

I know it isn’t easy to talk to me, I’m always on my guard you see, you just never know who’s listening. As for intimacy, well, I find that to be completely impossible. I mean, how can we when we’re never allowed to be alone together. Even if we were I’d probably still have my shackles on, and you’d probably not have the strength anyway. I know that’s my fault, and I’ve apologised a hundred times or more. I wish I could take it back. I truly do, but it’s done now isn’t it. I just hope we can eventually get past this particular bump and move on with our lives, together, as it’s supposed to be.

We’ve both got baggage to deal with going forward. I understand that life will be completely different for you when you’re bound to that wheelchair. But they’ll adapt your house and everything, so all is not really lost, is it?

I’m optimistic you see, about the wheelchair thing. I just know you’ll come out of this coma any day now. And when you do I’ll be waiting for you. Not at your bedside as I should be, but not too far away. Once they see it was an accident I’m sure they’ll let me go. And then I’ll be right there to take care of you, to mend what I’ve broken with the car.

We’ve both got some hard work ahead of us but you know, I’m willing if you are …


Free Writing Fun

Fun With Freewriting – Week 3: Alone now …

Time for another prompted free-write, a 30 minute activity writing whatever flows from a given sentence or idea.

Here’s my favourite from last week. It’s a day later than usual due to yesterdays Write…Edit…Publish post, but we’ll be back to the usual Wednesday slot next week.

Please bear in mind that it’s very rough and ready, and hasn’t been through much editing other than spell checking! I hope you enjoy …

I’d been crying for so long now I could hardly see anything in front of me properly. Everything around me just seemed to ebb and flow like the currents of the ocean, the walls themselves seeming to be covered with my watery tears. The sobbing had subsided at least, the hideous noises that could take the breath right out of me and now all that remained were the free-flowing tears.

I wish I could say I’d been crying for so long that I couldn’t remember the reasons for it, but his face and his memory fill my thoughts. Lying alone in our bed when I’m trying my best to go to sleep, if I squeeze my eyes shut tight enough I’m sure that I can still feel his presence next to me. His warmth drifts towards me even under the sheets, and I can feel his weight in the space next to me, pulling the covers his way.

At these times when I concentrate the most, when he feels to be the most real, it takes all of my effort not to reach out my hand to try and touch him, to feel that he’s there once again beneath my fingertips and to know the whole thing had been just a terrible and frightening nightmare. But I can’t move, no matter how much I want it, because I know deep down that if I do it’ll just shatter the illusion. The harsh reality of what has happened will come crashing down around me once again, and my heart will break just that little bit more. I really thought it had taken all that it could handle, had suffered enough in the first few hours and days, but I know differently now. Each and every day it seems to crack just that little but more and by now I imagine it to be in a million pieces. And at this moment in time I cannot see a single thing in my future that could even begin to start putting it all back together again.

How could there possibly be anything to look forward to without him here to share in it with me? Whenever I looked towards anything happening in my life he was always right there beside me to help guide me when I needed it, or to hold my hand as I strode forwards in confidence.

Now all I can see before me is a blackness of unknown, filled with uncertainties. I don’t even know what to expect in the next few days, never mind the next few years. Whatever it is though, I’m doing it alone now, left behind on this Earth without him …


Free Writing Fun

Fun With Freewriting – Week 2

Time for another prompted free-write, a 30 minute activity writing whatever flows from a given sentence or idea.

Here is my favourite from the last week, but please bear in mind that it’s very rough and ready, and hasn’t been through much editing other than spell checking! I hope you enjoy …


It’s too quiet as I sit here, It’s the eve before the big ceremony and there doesn’t appear to be a single soul about. There would usually be a servant or two scurrying about, fetching and carrying something for one of the kings demands. They all seem to have disappeared tonight though. Maybe he’s finally done it and run them ragged, to exhaustion.

It’s just me sitting here now though, a lone soul amongst the statues and greenery. I can feel as well as hear the breeze flowing from one end of the courtyard to the other. It blows through my hair and rustles the longs folds of my dress. It is a welcome sensation against my bare arms, its coolness releasing some of the heat from the day.

The walls surrounding the courtyard are too high for me to see over, but I know what lies beyond them. I remember the dense woodland that hugs this side of the palace and its grounds, remember hiding out in them for days before bing captured. I hoped they hadn’t found my ship too, that would bring up far too many questions for them, more than they would be able to deal with. I’m sure that if it had been found someone would have made plenty of noise about it, so the silence at this point was a comfort.

It had been three weeks now since I’d been discovered, plenty of times for the others to locate my ships tracking beacon. I was sure it wasn’t more than a few miles away from here, surely a simple extrapolation from is crash site would give them my location. Something must have happened. Maybe the crash had been worse for the ship than I’d expected, the tracker could have been destroyed along with most of the rest of it. If that were the case it’s not a very good advert for the designers back home. who guaranteed that it would continue no matter what they threw at it. They obviously hadn’t taken my piloting skills into consideration.

The thought made me half smile; memories of home were becoming more painful with each day that passed now, and each day a tiny little piece of my hope died. I’d read hundreds of reports on rescue missions in the past, but not many were wholly successful after this length of time …