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To ‘my little one’ … – A Write … Edit … Publish post

This is my contribution to this months edition of Write … Edit … Publish.

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This month’s theme for the blog hop is:

I wanted to do something a bit different for this month’s theme and tried having a go at a little poetry, however I think I need to hone these skills a little more before unleashing any on the world.

Instead, I’m posting a letter that I’ve written to ‘my little one’, who will be emerging into the world in the next few months. This idea came to me as I was waiting for my five year old to come out of school, and just seemed fitting for the theme of New Beginnings. I hope you like it …


You’re so small at the moment; I can barely feel you moving around. I know you’re in there though, there have been plenty of signs to let me know, and most of them uncomfortable. Don’t worry, I won’t hold it against you, once you’re here and in my arms I know it’ll all have been worth it.

We’re already halfway there my little one, but it still seems like some kind of dream that you even exist. I wonder, do you know what’s going on in there? Can you hear me yet?

I wonder what you’ll make of this big wide world when you’re here. It’s a scary place to be, but you don’t need to worry. I’ll be here for you every step of the way.

I can’t wait to see what kind of person you’ll turn into, how much of me will come through and how much of your daddy. I wonder what you’ll want to do with your life; will it be creative or sporty? Will you be more technical and logical?

Whatever you decide it’s your life to lead and you can choose whatever path you want to follow. We will be here to guide you as much as we can, to offer advice and assistance, you will never be on your own while I am here.

There will be lots of things for us to share together as you grow up, and most of the times will be joyous, filled with laughter, fun and merriment. Some of the times will be tough, with unwelcome heartache and pain. But, whether the times are good or whether they are bad, they will be filled with love and we’ll all have each other to see us through.

So, don’t you worry in there, I’ll keep you safe and warm so you can concentrate on growing healthy and strong. Don’t grow too big though, remember I still need to get you out 🙂

If you make it easier for me, I’ll make it as easy as I can for you too. After all, it’s just you and me kid, working together. Let’s make our start as a good team.

It won’t be long my little one; I look forward to meeting you soon!