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Fun With Freewriting – Week 20: Taking the coast road


Fun with Freewriting time! The imagery for this came mostly from the roads along some of the Norfolk coast, but the village and what happened are purely fictional. Could be the beginning of a longer story though …

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The road ahead is clear as we drive along. To our right the trees pass us by, varying shades of green and undulating in size. Now and then there is a break in them and we can see the fields behind, stretching back across the flat land. A house can be spotted at times in the distance, a lone residence in the middle of the peace. None were built close to the road though, no-one dared anymore after the destruction of the village a half century ago.

        On the other side of the road a wooden fence is all that stands between us and the embankments that lead down to the narrow beach and beyond, the vast ocean. For once I’m actually glad that David isn’t a speedy driver. Although the road is clear of other traffic and the road can be seen clearly ahead for for a fair few miles, it wouldn’t take much to go straight through the fence and down onto the beach. I couldn’t help but wonder how many people had done so over the years and found myself glancing over the edge to try and spot signs of any wreckages.

It was a clear day but breezy with it. The clouds that were present in the sky were moving at a swift pace, intermittently blocking the warming rays from the sun. Further out the sea appeared calm and still, but nearer the shore the building and crashing of the waves gave away how choppy the waters really were.

        These days the beach was far more shale than it was sand, much had changed over the last few decades. There used to be a village stretched out along the coastline of about 60 homes, with a sprawling beach of soft golden sand within a few minutes walking distance. But after one of the most horrendous storms, perhaps even the most, one night the entire village was gone. In its place was a gaping hole carved out of the landscape, with practically no evidence that anything had ever been there in the first place.

        No survivors were ever found, there were no remains or debris from any of the buildings, it was as though something had just come along in the night and scooped them all away. There weren’t even any signs of anything washing back up onto the beach in the weeks and months that followed.

        To this day, it remains one of the biggest mysteries yet to be solved in the area.

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